Land prices may be affected if 2.2 trillion baht infrastructure project does not realize


BANGKOK, 18 Dec 2013, Mr. Pirat Monthapan, President of the Thai Valuers Association (TVA), expressed his concerns over the 2.2 trillion baht infrastructure development projects, saying that they still lack clarity and progress.

He made an assumption that the projects are either waiting for the Constitutional Court to rule on its constitutionality or the royal endorsement, adding that the latter can only be done by the next administration.

Regarding the general election, Mr. Pirat said that if the national polls were cancelled, investment for the infrastructure projects would have to be delayed, causing prices of lands located near the projects to drop.

The longer the mega projects were put off, the lower the land prices would be. However, the prices would only be slightly adjusted, as the current prices of land are determined by the purchase date, aside from its location, said the association president.