Labour Permanent Sec: employment slowdown in first four months


BANGKOK, 22 May 2014 –The Ministry of Labour (MOL) has disclosed that the employment rate in the first four months slipped, while more than 6,000 social security registrations were terminated in April. 

The MOL’s Permanent Secretary Jeerasak Sukonthachart cited the Center for Labour Economy Information which reported that 9,794,974 employees had been registered with the Social Security Office (SSO), an expansion of 2.93% from a year earlier. The employment rate in April increased by 3.10 % from March. The employment rate has been enhanced by more than one percent, hence the employment situation is normal.

However, employment in the first four months of this year dropped since last December. In April 2014, 6,504 employees were terminated, a decrease of 3 percent compared to last year, so the termination situation is still at a normal level. The termination rate is relatively low and below the 3-year mean.