Labor Minister warns employers not to include welfare benefits in 300 baht wage


BANGKOK, 27 February 2012 -The Central Wage Committee is set to review its minimum wage proposal for jobs that are allowed to be paid less than 300 baht per day on March 1, while the Ministry of Labor has warned employers to exclude welfare benefits from the new wage. 

Labor Minister Mr. Padermchai Sasomsap said the Central Wage Committee had resolved to increase the minimum wage for 22 types of occupation, which pay less than 300 baht under the law, by 30-39.5% depending on the economy and the complexity level of each job.

Meanwhile, he said the 300 baht wage will be enforced in 7 provinces from April 1st onwards, while the remaining provinces will see an increase of 40%. Mr. Padermchai said employers must not take advantage of their workers by claiming to pay the new wage but refusing to provide them with any welfare benefits.

He added that the social welfare benefits may vary from one company to another, and that employees should discuss with their prospect employers first about their jobs.