KResearch: Thai labor working abroad has a tendency to decline


BANGKOK, 6 May 2014,  – According to a recent finding by the Kasikorn Research Center Company Limited, the number of Thai laborers working abroad has declined sharply, pointing out that the figure dropped from 202,416 in 1999 to 130,511 in 2013.

The company also indicated that in the first quarter of this year the number continued to decrease by in all sectors, estimating that the number of Thai labors working abroad would fall below the 130,000 mark this year. It said the basic labor demand is declining while the skilled labor demand is rising.

The center said attention should be given to both local and foreign labor flows after the start of the ASEAN Economic Community next year, suggesting the event might spark interest among local laborers to seek jobs in neighboring countries. According to KResearch, Thailand ranks 24th in terms of income from laborers working in foreign countries and 10th in the ASEAN region, indicating last year the nation generated more than 88 billion baht from the sector.