‘Kittiratt’ not mind if Loan Bill put under Constitutional Court’s interpretation


BANGKOK, 21 Nov 2013,  – Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong has indicated he wouldn’t mind if the 2.2 trillion baht Loan Bill is to be submitted to the Constitutional Court for interpretation and is ready to suspend the planned investment until the legislation passes the Court’s approval. 

The comment came after the Constitutional Court yesterday ruled that the government-proposed Senate Origin Amendment Bill is unconstitutional. The Finance Minister said the ruling was acceptable to him, adding that it might not satisfy all parties. He however affirmed the Government would still move forward in order to create domestic investment in order to maintain the national economic growth.

The Finance Minister also mentioned that the Loan bill had passed all the legal hurdles, and he believed it would be able to proceed as planned.

The bill which authorizes the Finance Ministry to seek loans totaling 2.2 trillion baht to fund various infrastructure development projects, was passed by the Senate yesterday.