Kittiratt: Government targets 3 economy-driving factors


BANGKOK, 10 August 2012 – The Thai government is determined to boost the economy by focusing on 3 economy-driving factors and is also preparing measures to handle impact from the world economic crisis.

Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong has revealed at a debate on the topic: “Different Perspectives, Sharing Visions for the Capital Market”, that the government’s economic policy focuses on 3 aspects, namely domestic consumption, private-sector investment, and government spending. Additionally, the government has been preparing to cope with the world economic downturn.

Mr. Kittiratt elaborated that the government has to speedily encourage domestic consumption as well as investment. Furthermore, the government is considering issuing saving bonds worth 100 billion baht to offset the current budget deficit of 400 billion baht. According to Mr. Kittiratt, the bonds will be sold to the general public, and details of the bond issuance are expected to be concluded within 2 weeks’ time as the government has to assess all circumstances such as the interest rate and economic condition.


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