Japanese investors hope Thailand to return to democracy soon


BANGKOK, July 18 — Japanese investors hoped to see Thailand returning to democracy soon, as they believed that good governance and transparency could revive investors’ confidence in the country, Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) President Setsuo Iuchi said on Friday.

Speaking at a seminar in Bangkok, Mr Iuchi said that JETRO saw the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) should take the opportunity during their administration to implement national reform for the medium- and long-terms.

The JETRO president said he hoped that Thailand would return to a democratic system soon with good governance and transparency which would be the factors to revive investor confidence.

He said JETRO hoped to see Thailand to commit to principles of free trade, let the market mechanism work freely to attract more trade and investment.

Human resources development and research and development would also be important factors, he said

In order to prepare for economic growth in the future, he said, Thailand should have greater investment in infrastructure projects. And he would like to see Thailand invest in the high speed train project in the near future.

An improved transportation network between Thailand and its neighbouring countries to facilitate linkages would also help expand the economy.

Mr Iuchi added that Japanese investors still saw Thailand as investor friendly country.