ITU: Thailand better be prepared for 4G and 5G


BANGKOK, 5 May 2013  The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) urges Thailand to use 700 MHz band for 4G and 5G in order to catch up with other ASEAN countries. Thailand has just provided 3G-2.1MHz services for mobile users, more than ten years behind other countries, the ITU says.

ITU Secretary-General Hamadoun Toure said 700 MHz band, now used in the broadcasting business, could be used with telecommunications as the country was about to change from analogue to digital TV. If Thailand was ready, the ITU would send a team to help study the use of 700 MHz with 4G and 5G mobile telecommunications standards, he said.

The secretary-general stated further that the ITU would treat Thailand’s 3G-2.1MHz auctions with reasonable prices as a case study frequency auctions in Europe at present. The European spectrum actions had high auction prices which affected its telecommunication industry, Mr Toure said.

Deputy Chairman of the Thai National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission Col. Setthaphong Malisuwan said the commission would urgently study the use of 700MHz band in the telecommunication industry in Thailand with care. The country’s telecommunication master plan must be revised if 700 MHz band was adopted for mobile use.