Interior Ministry issues measures to ease Thais’ utility expenses


BANGKOK, 21 May 2012  – The Ministry of Interior is collaborating with its arm of state enterprises to assist Thai people with their basic infrastructure expenses in the midst of rising cost of living. 

Secretary to the Interior Minister Mr. Padung Limcharoen conceded that the upcoming new school term may be adding extra expenses to the already increasing household bills of Thai families. He assured that the Interior Ministry understands the problem and has come up with a set of measures that would alleviate people’s burden from their hefty payments on basic infrastructure, such as water and electricity.

Both the Provincial Waterworks Authority and the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority have agreed to allow people to pay their water bills for the month of May in three installments until August. As for the May electricity bills, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority and the Provincial Electricity Authority will postpone the due date for one month.

People who wish to receive these privileges can contact their local water and electricity authority. The assistance will be granted upon individual request.

In addition, water dispensing machines will be installed throughout Bangkok by the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority to provide drinking water to the general public at the cost of only 1 baht per 5 liters. The Market Organization will also open its booths to sell fresh food and farm products at low prices at various state enterprise offices that are under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior.