Industry Ministry to propose Bt5.8 bln budget plan for pollution management


BANGKOK, Feb 24 – The Industry Ministry is to propose to a cabinet meeting its 5-year Bt5.8 billion budget plan for Thailand’s industrial sector’s pollution management once the plan is approved by the Industry Minister and the Office of National Environment Board.

Permanent Secretary for Industry Witoon Simachokedee said the move followed the Cabinet’s resolution in March last year to have the ministry map out the pollution management plan.

He said the new pollution management plan, comprising 124 projects, can support new investments in the country, strengthen Thailand’s industrial sector, and enable the sector to be competitive at the international level

Five main measures are designed in the plan:

1) Supporting environmentally-friendly industrial production to be allocated with Bt3.9 billion.

2) Increasing ability to inspect and control sources of waste (Bt1.3 billion).

3) Managing chemical waste (Bt137 million).

4) Improving human resources in the industrial sector and local communities (Bt190 million).

5) Implementing environmental management to welcome the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015 and to comply with international commitment to other countries (Bt102 million).