Industrial plants fears of power shortage allayed


BANGKOK, Apr 8 – The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) gave assurances today that there will be sufficient electricity for 37 manufacturing parks under its supervision when they restart operations tomorrow after a long holiday.

IEAT Deputy Governor Chakrarat Lerdopas said the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) has reaffirmed that the power supply to the 37 industrial estates will be adequate for their manufacturing operations.

Industrial operators in Thailand have been concerned about a possible power shortage in light of the maintenance of a natural gas platform in Myanmar since Friday.

Supplies of natural gas from the Yanada platform for electricity generation in Thailand has been suspended. The maintenance will be finished on April 14.

Mr Chakrarat said each industrial estate consumes an average 100 megawatts during normal operating hours but many of them will stop production during the Songkran holiday.

Various sectors have cooperated with the government’s call for energy saving, contributing to EGAT’s adequate energy supply, he said.

The IEAT deputy governor said foreign industrialists have not enquired about Thailand’s energy stability though they want more assurance on the country’s overall power capability.

They look forward to more energy alternatives including nuclear or coal powered plants which should boost their confidence regarding power supplies for the country, he said.

“Thailand cannot have a nuclear power plant at the moment. However, when Vietnam completes its nuclear plant project in the future, the Thai public may be more positive to the alternative,” he said.