Importers of Thai products unworried


Thai trade representatives abroad have indicated that importers of Thai products are still placing goods orders and have not yet expressed worry over the political situation in Thailand.

Prakaisak Sawatsing, director of the International Trade Promotion office in Paris, said foreign importers who visited the THAIFEX World of Food fair in Muang Thong Thani were placing orders as usual and did not express concerns about the recent developments in Thailand. His office in Paris also reported that French importers had not made inquiries about the situation in Thailand.

Somchin Plengkham, senior director of International Trade Promotion office in New York, said the United States needed to show the international community it was against undemocratic developments, but it differentiates between political and trade relations. Therefore, Thai exports to the US market primarily rested on the condition of the US economy and the demands of its consumers. She added that trading partners were placing orders normally, as they attended products exhibitions in Thailand, and this was a positive development.