ICT to revise Computer Crimes Act to handle cybercrime


BANGKOK, 25 September 2014 The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is pushing ahead to make adjustments to the Computer Crimes Act B.E. 2550 in a bid to reduce cyber crime.

According to the ICT, the proposed new law would allow the government to take legal action against new forms of cyber-related crimes that were not punishable under the present law.

Cybercrime has become a transnational issue and has been one of the eight main problems in the ASEAN region. Therefore, the law needs to be revised in order to prevent cyber criminals from exploiting loopholes in the Thai justice system and threaten the nation’s security.

Meanwhile, the ICT stated that cyber criminals have been using the social media as a tool to convey distorted information to cause dissension, post defaming messages against H.M. the King, spread propaganda, and steal personal information from users. Over 20,000 cases of cybercrime remain unsolved, said the ICT.

As cybercrime has been a growing problem, it is essential that the Computer Crimes Act B.E. 2550 be revised quickly. The new law is expected to take effect early next year.