IBANK is ready to launch credit card debts project


BANGKOK MAY, 29 2011 – President of Islamic Bank of Thailand, Thirasak Suwanayos, said the Islamic bank was ready to work on the government’s policy of easing public’s burden by refinancing credit card debts and also to improve financial status of credit card debtors of other financial institutes. During the initial period of the project, the bank will be prepared in providing services to customers who come to submit their loan applications. 

The Islamic Bank had received a limited credit of 1 billion baht to proceed the government’s project in public financial aids. The loan applicants will be restricted to submit the request of an amount not exceeding 5 times their salary, and customers will be allowed to pay debts through installment for the period of 1 year to 3 years time. The applicants will have to be credit card debtors of not over 30 days with normal status since 30 April till the day of loan submission.

In order to help the credit card debtors, those who are unable to submit the applications on time, or if the qualifications do not meet the projects restrictions, they can use the service in refinancing the credit card debts from Islamic bank under the IBANK good time project, Mr.Thirasak added.


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