Human resources development key to Thailand 4.0, says PM


Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha pointed out that the development of human resources is the answer to the Thailand 4.0 policy which seeks to make Thailand a high-income country.

The prime minister said the most important factor that will move the country forward is ‘people’. Once people have the right skills and abilities, they will be the ones bringing stability, prosperity, and sustainability to the kingdom.

He also stressed the importance of learning, saying lifelong learning must be promoted in the society which begins with the development of young children in pre-school.

He added that reducing disparity in the education system will help the country and its people generate higher income. At present, there remains a large divide between the careers and revenues Thai people have.

In order for Thailand to move into the Thailand 4.0 era, he said the country must first increase national GDP while Thai workers must be equipped with advanced skills in various areas.