Hua-Hin authorities continue their hunt on restaurants overcharging their customers


PRACHUAP KHIRI KHAN, 13 August 2014  – The Hua-Hin Municipality is launching a ‘beach-cleaning’ campaign after tourists have filed petitions saying some restaurants were ripping them off with unexpected food prices. 

Recently, there has been another case where a 22-year-old Thai tourist from Nonthaburi province and her family filed a complaint to the Hua-Hin Provincial Police about one particular beach restaurant that had been charging exorbitant prices for food. The restaurant was only referred to as “Restaurant No. 12.”

According to the woman, her family had to pay up to 7,480 baht for the food ordered. She also said that food prices listed on the restaurant menu were different from the prices that they had to pay. However, the restaurant owner defended that the costs of raw materials involved have been high lately.

Police Major General Trithanet Sunthornsuk, the superintendent of the Prachuap Khiri Khan police, concluded that the case is relevant to consumer fraud. He also said there has been evidence showing the food prices were intentionally manipulated.

Today, the authorities in Hua-Hin have deployed a group of soldiers to conduct ‘beach-cleaning efforts’ to reorganize the beach area. 66 business operators and restaurant owners would also have their shops and buildings dismantled and would be completely evicted from the beach area.