Higher taxi fares likely at end-of-month


BANGKOK, Dec 5 —  An increase in taxi fares in Bangkok is likely to be implemented before the end of the month, according to Theerapong Rodprosert, director-general of the Land Transport Department. 

Mr Theerapong said the new fare rate–expected to be increased by 7-8 per cent during the initial period–would be implemented after all taxis running in the capital have undergone a safety standard check.

About 25,000 taxis out of over 100,000 in the capital have already completed the required safety standard test, while it is expected that at least 85 per cent of the total would complete testing by December 21, he said.

The Land Transport Department will test the taxis from 7am to 6pm daily, starting  tomorrow, to enable taxis in the capital to raise the fare as demanded by drivers for several years.

Currently, metered taxis charge at Bt35 for the first kilometer traveled, with the fare increasing dependent on the distance and time stuck in traffic.