Govt unveils transport overhaul plan


The Ministry of Transport has unveiled its plan to spend multi-billion baht budgets on its eight-year transport overhaul.

In the weekly government talk program, Transport Minister Prajin Chantong spoke of the Ministry’s planned transport infrastructure revamp which requires a budget of 1.9 trillion baht. The objects are to bolster the economy, improve transport connectivity, and facilitate the arrival of ASEAN Economic Community.

Air Chief Marshal Prajin said the Ministry of Transport would focus its revamp on railway and aviation systems. In terms of railway transport, all existing single-track railways will be replaced by double track railways within this year. In parallel, facilities within trains and stations will also be improved to ensure comfort and safety for passengers.

Transport Minister Prajin Chantong.Transport Minister Prajin Chantong.

As for aviation, service safety will be the first priority. Airlines will be closely monitored to make sure that they observe safety standards. With regard to airport facilities, a new runway will soon be built at Suvarnabhumi Airport to add to the two existing runways so that in the future the airport will be able to handle as many as 60 million passengers per year instead of 45 million at present.

Don Mueang Airport, meanwhile, is in the second phase of development. A budget of 10.5 billion baht has been approved for the project, which will begin in 2016. The Ministry of Transport and the Royal Thai Navy are also discussing the development plan of U-Tapao Airport to facilitate activities of the military and the civil sector more effectively.