Govt: Thai exported canned fruit not contaminated


BANGKOK, 29 September 2013 – The Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry has announced that all Thai canned fruit exported to Brunei Darussalam was not contaminated as accused by Brunei. 

After Brunei media has presented news, saying Thai canned fruit products are contaminated with HIV, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Agriculture and Cooperatives Chavalit Cookajorn said that the media did not have a clear evidence suggesting the accusation.

Mr Chavalit added that the Thai Embassy in Brunei had clarify the accusation through Brunei media since the rumor spread in August. However, the people still believed in the rumors and are spreading the message to others. He said people were skeptical about the issue and avoided buying Thai canned products.

The Ministry reiterated that the Thai export canned products have been thoroughly inspected and all factories must have certified GMP and HACCP before the products could be shipped out. It suspected that there was a move to discredit Thai exporters.