Govt raises alcohol and tobacco taxes


BANGKOK, 22 August 2012 – The Excise Department revealed that the Cabinet has agreed to raise taxes on alcohol and tobacco. As a result, the Excise Department expected to see an increase in its revenue by 10 billion baht each year.

The Cabinet has given the approval to the request of the Finance Ministry to increase taxes on alcohol and tobacco, effective since yesterday. As a result, taxes of 8 brands of tobaccos have been raised by 6-8 baht per pack. Tax rates for blended liquor have been adjusted up to 120 baht per litre, imported whisky is taxed at 400 baht per liter.

Excise Department Director-General Benja Louichareon stated that the adjustment will result in an increased revenue collection by 10 billion baht per year.

Meanwhile, Mr. Thaksaphon Thamarangsi, Director of the Center for Alcohol Studies has praised the goventment over the decision to increase taxes on alcohol and tobacco. He said it is the most productive tool to reduce the problems caused by alcohol and tobacco. However, Mr. Thaksapon added that the prices of alcoholic beverages in Thailand are only half the price of those in foreign countries.


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