Govt affirms integrative & cohesive efforts to rein in baht movement to achieve stability


BANGKOK, 9 May 2013  The government is determined to make all related state agencies work integratively and in cohesion to control the baht movement and achieve its stability. 

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra commented on Thursday that the state efforts to manage the baht value are being integrated, with the Finance Minister acting as the key person to coordinate the works of all related agencies, including the Bank of Thailand (BoT), an independent institution.

The PM stated that the one goal here is to achieve the stability of the baht through the implementation of all available measures, without affecting the country’s overall economic condition, particularly business operators and SMEs.

Ms. Yingluck assured that a set of measures of fiscal and monetary policies are now ready for use.

The Premier also brushed aside news of conflicts between the Finance Ministry and the BoT, saying what happened merely were different points of view between the two.

She assured that both will still be able to work collaboratively, while denying rumors about political pressure to remove the central bank chief from his post.