FTI estimates 2014 domestic car sales to reach over 1 mln


BANGKOK, Jan 10 – The Federation of Thai Industries’ Automotive Industry Club estimated that the overall domestic car sales this year will reach over one million units.

Overall car sales volume throughout 2014 is expected to stand at more than one million units with each month seeing a sales volume of 100,000-120,000 units/month.

Club spokesman Surapong Paisitpatanapong said domestic car sales last month grew more and reached over 110,000 units after the volume had reached less than 100,000 units for several months.

Concerning the coming January 13 Bangkok shutdown, he commented that if the protest lasts for only a short period of time, it will not affect the overall car sales, for most car orders and delivery were placed and done in December last year. He said that car showrooms in suburban areas will not be much impacted by the protest they are not in Bangkok.

According to the spokesman, the domestic market’s situation has returned to normal, where promotions and innovation attract customers, after the government’s first-car buyer scheme ended. However, this year’s export ratio of the overall vehicle production is forecast to grow and reach 52-54 per cent.

Throughout the year, it was estimated that Thailand’s vehicle production would reach 2.5 million units.

Mr Surapong noted that statistics are being collected for December’s car production volume. If volume reaches 202,000 units, overall car production in 2013 will reach 2.5 million units. The current figure has so far been already counted at 2.29 million units.