Food industry unscathed by political demonstrations


BANGKOK, 12 Dec 2013 The National Food Institute (NFI) revealed that the food industry is not much affected by the political disturbance and is stepping up its quality for the advent of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015. 

The NFI explained that food is essential consumable goods for both domestic and international consumers; therefore, it is not affected by such an indirect factor as political turmoil. However, an impact might be seen in the Government’s agreements made with foreign countries. He said some Government-to-Government deals on food sales can be delayed or put on hold due to House dissolution.

Meanwhile, the NFI showcased its 2013 top projects which include the ‘Kitchen of the World’ food industry development program, food processing promotion to add economic value, and a project to promote and develop the nation’s Halal food to win international recognition. The nation is able to export 100 more items of food under the Halal promotional scheme this year.

In 2014, the institute has plans to lift more than 500 food factories to the international level, and develop 3,700 workers for the expansion of the industry in the AEC to be opened in 2015.

The NFI stated that the preparations were essential as the AEC, though providing a channel to expand the Thai food industry to Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Vietnam, would also come with more intense competitions.