Fish farming economically viable in Trat


Officials from the Office of Agriculture and Cooperatives, the Office of Fisheries and the employment service agency in Trat have visited a fish-farming community in Koh Chang District as part of the plan to promote aquaculture in the province.

Related agencies are particularly interested in economically important fish such as leopard grouper and white perch, because the demand for their meat remains high.

Members of the fish-raising group disclosed that they adopted fish-rearing techniques from the Office of Fisheries, and got baby fish from Trat Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center. Most of their customers are fish sellers, restaurants and hotels.

According to the Office of Fisheries, there is still room for aquaculture of leopard groupers, given that the number of raisers in the province is relatively low despite the high market value of the fish. Leopard groupers’ meat can fetch as much as 1,000 baht per kilo.