‘First Car’ tax refunds might hit 1 million units: Finance Ministry


BANGKOK, Dec 18 – The number of cars buyers submitting tax refund requests under the government’s ‘First Car’ scheme might hit one million units, according to the Finance Ministry.  

Deputy Finance Minister Thanusak Lek-uthai said that about 910,000 first-car owners have already submitted documents for tax refunds totalling around Bt63 billion.

About 35,000 people queue for the process daily on average. Should such a figure continue through December 31, the last day for filing applications, over one million first-car owners will have participated in the plan, resulting in tax refunds of some Bt70 billion.

Mr Thanusak believed there would be no problem with the refund process, for the money is transferred to car owners on the fifth of every month. About Bt2.3 billion has already been paid to 35,000 car users.

He said if the budget is insufficient, the ministry can ask Cabinet to approve further payment.

The Excise Department will be working until December 31 so that the public can gain full benefit from the ‘first car’ scheme, the deputy finance minister noted.