Energy Ministry to expand NGV pipeline network across Thailand


BANGKOK, 15 February 2013  The Energy Ministry is set to expand the natural gas vehicle (NGV) pipeline network throughout the country in order to enable consumers in the upcountry to enjoy energy at the same prices as Bangkok residents. 

Energy Minister Pongsak Ruktapongpisal, on Thursday, chaired the launch of the project aimed at educating and hearing opinions of energy business operators, which kicked off with a seminar.

Mr. Pongsak said that the seminar was organized to encourage both state offices and private companies involved in energy business to exchange ideas while offering more knowledge on efficient energy use to them.

He added that the Energy Ministry is reviewing a plan to have the Department of Energy Business in charge of the expansion of the NGV pipeline network to other parts of the country and the extension of oil pipelines to the North and the Northeast.

The Energy Minister stated that such a project will allow people in every corner of Thailand an opportunity to enjoy fuel and energy at similar prices paid by Bangkok consumers.

According to the Energy Minister, the expansion work is set to be completed before the end of this year and becomes operational within 3 years.

In addition, the Energy Ministry is pushing hard with its clampdown on those found smuggling gas drilled in Thailand to neighboring countries.