Energy Minister telling people not to hoard NGV and LPG


BANGKOK, 26 February 2013 The Ministry Energy is urging people not to hoard natural gas saying Thailand will not run out of LPG during a halt of gas supply from Myanmar in April. 

Energy Minister Pongsak Rattapongpaisal said Thailand will not be short of LPG as domestic gas plants in the east coast of the country continue to operate as usual whilst there are more than enough LPG reserves for domestic consumption.

Besides, Mr Pongsak has instructed the Department of Business Energy to inspect natural gas stations across Thailand to make sure they are not hoarding the gas. Consumers have been told not to worry as rumors on natural gas shortages were meant to attack the government.

As for NGV, a plan has been adopted to ensure there is sufficient supply of the gas for commuters. However, he said, it might affect the production of electricity in the country and cause power to drop in certain areas.

He also expressed his belief that the energy crisis will eventually be resolved as government agencies, together with the industrial and civil sectors, are trying their best at saving the energy.