EGAT urges Southern Region residents to conserve energy


BANGKOK, 30 June 2014, – The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) has urged residents in the South to conserve energy during the shutdown for maintenance of the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area (JDA)’s A18 block.

According to EGAT Governor Sunchai Khamnoonset, power plants in the South Thailand have been able to generate enough electricity to meet the public demand for power during the maintenance shutdown period, from June 13th to July 10th. All the power plants have been operating as usual, said the Egat Governor, adding that the Egat has also purchased energy from neighboring Malaysia to prevent shortages.

In addition, the private sector has been working in close cooperation with the EGAT in the latter’s energy conservation campaign.

Nonetheless, the region’s energy consumption rate remains high, as power use peaked at 2,308 Megawatts on Saturday at 7.22 PM .

The Governor has thus urged residents in the South to conserve more energy by practicing one of 3 EGAT’s energy conserving approaches: Turning off 1 air conditioner, turning off at least 1 unused light bulb, and turning up the air conditioner a degree Celsius when in use.

The campaign also suggests that the industrial sector adjust its working hours, helping save energy consumption by up to 200 Megawatts. Doing so would ensure sufficient energy supply for the region during the gas supply suspension period, the Governor said.