Eco stickers required of new cars starting October 1


BANGKOK, 3 September 2015 – Car manufacturers and exporters will have to put standardized labels known as ‘ECO Stickers’ on new cars at points of sale or display, starting in October.

Acording to Office of Industrial Economics director Udom Wongwiwatchai, the labels, which will provide details of each car’s performance parameters based on the globally-accepted standard, will benefit consumers making the decision which car they should buy. The ECO stickers will also improve the state sector’s efficiency in enforcing automobile standards and in collecting tax under the new excise structure due to take effect in January.

From October 1 onward, manufacturers and importers will need to place the stickers on the windshield or the window of each new car before the cars are sent to distributors, sites of display and sites of sale, Mr. Udom said. After October 1, new cars purchased without an ECO sticker will no longer be entitled to the new excise tax structure. According to Mr. Udom, there are 416 car models in the market that will need the ECO stickers. Manufacturers and importers can look up the details involved with registering ECO stickers at