Don Mueang Airport to pass 27 million passengers in 3 years


BANGKOK, March 7 – Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok’s budget airline facility, will boost its capability to take 27.5 million passengers annually in 2016, an airport executive said today.

Don Mueang Airport director Paranee Wattanotai said Terminal II is being developed to cope with expanded service capacity given its clear-cut role as an aviation facility for low-cost airlines.

Combined with Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand will serve as a gateway for 87.5 million passengers a year in 2016, she said.

She said the relocation of AirAsia to Don Mueang Airport has significantly boosted the aviation traffic to 54,694 flights in the first five months of the 2013 fiscal year (Oct 2012-Feb 2013) – 15,283 international and 39,411 domestic.

By the end of this year, Don Mueang should have 153,000 flights and 16.9 million passengers, she added.

Friday marks the 99th anniversary of Don Mueang Airport.