DIT to keep close watch on commodity prices


BANGKOK, 18 June 2014, – The Department of Internal Trade (DIT) is closely monitoring the prices of commodity to make sure that they do not go beyond the set ceiling prices. 

According to Somchart Soytong, the DIT Director-General, no vendors have reportedly been found violating the Department’s rule by unfairly pricing their products. There have also been no reports of commodity product shortages or requests for price hike on any item at the moment, except for the seasonal hike on selected vegetables.

The wholesale price of live pig in the Eastern Region is at 83-85 baht per kg, slightly above the suggested price of 81 baht per kg; the reason behind the surge being the declining number of breeding sows, which has dropped from as many as 900,000 to 820,000.

Livestock farmers have been urged not to set the price of live pig higher than that allowed, the Director General said.

The Department of Internal Trade has set this week’s live swine price in the range of 79 to 81 baht per kg. Retail prices of pork should be around 143 to 147 baht per kg.