DIT: Fresh markets agree to maintain prices of 10 main dishes


BANGKOK, 17 May 2013  — Director General of the Department of Internal Trade Vibunluck Ruamrak reveals food traders in fresh markets have agreed to maintain prices of 10 common dishes for another year, despite the rising price of cooking gas.

Miss Vibunluck’s statement came after her meeting with 747 food vendors from 16 fresh markets. According to her, when the current subsidy for household LPG price terminates at the end of May, gas price will be adjusted upward by 50 satang per kilogram every month until it reaches 21 baht per kilogram.

Among the 10 dishes subject to price freeze include rice with an omelet, chicken or pork noodles, and rice topped with fried pork or chicken with basil. The price of these dishes should range between 20-35 baht

The Director General said the cooperation to maintain food prices was called for after a finding that prices of ingredients in those menus as well as and rates of rentals on food stalls have not been significantly changed from those of last year. She said another meeting with food vendors will be arranged a year apart, to determine whether or not the department should allow price hike.

However, she stressed that whenever commodity prices go up to the point that vendors can no longer absorb the expenses, the Internal Trade Department is more than willing to talk with business operators to find appropriate solution.