DHL looking to the future


The world-wide DHL organization realizes that communication is one of the most important areas in business today. With DHL having a finger in multiple pies it is necessary for some of the different branches to get to know each other and their individual capabilities by hosting a very different type of meeting.

The event is known as the DHL Auto-Mobility Discovery Fair and will be held in the Holiday Inn, Friday, 16 November 2018 from 09:00-18:00.

The DHL organizers expect about 300 industry people will attend. These will include industry, automotive and manufacturing people not just current customers.

The “getting to know you” event will have the following list of displays. This will allow all to understand what is currently available and done for the Future of the Auto Logistics in Thailand.

Areas to be explored at the fair include:

  1. International Flow

International Track and Trace – DHL Global Forwarding

A single platform for all logistics utilities for export, import and movement of domestic goods. The platform simplifies the LCL booking process for all Automotive freight flows by automation through a web-based solution.

Same Day – Emergency freight solutions – DHL Global Forwarding offers flexibility for last minute and urgent freight worldwide.

  1. Customer Centricity and Visibility

On Demand Delivery – Last Mile delivery flexibility – DHL Express. This e-commerce solution enables consumers to control the date, time and location of delivery, even during transit.

Connected IT Suite – Domestic Track and Trace and E-POD– DHL Supply Chain. Allows track and trace domestic transportation Supply Chain through Sign-on-glass, electronic Proof-of-Delivery and a customized mobile phone application.

Sigfox provide a unique device-to-cloud communications addresses cost, energy consumption, and global scalability.

Artificial Intelligence based Digital Logistics Platform – FarEye builds logistics applications with a simple drag and drop feature, enabling enterprises to reduce time to build new logistics.

  1. Robotics and Automation

V-Shelves – Eureka Design advanced robotics systems for warehouses such as Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), goods-to-person systems and collaborative robots for high-speed fulfillment to optimize complex operations.

Automation and Robot technologies – KUKA Industries has systems with widely varying degrees of automation. The technology packages developed for productive processes contain matching hardware components, including the required software.

  1. Operation Excellence

Ring Scanner – Wearable – DHL Supply Chain with Smart Wearable enables higher efficiencies allowing more flexibility and enhancing their day-to-day picking/sorting.

Outbound Real-time dashboard – Digital Dispatch visibility – DHL Supply Chain technology allows simple and leaner dispatches for the Inbound to Manufacturing processes in the Automotive industry, respecting just-in-time planning and deliveries. The tool is also used in our Aftermarket warehouse distribution operations

Storeganizer, ROS Rack Repair – Tellus. A high density storage system that is ideal for small, slow moving items. The ROS Rack Repair gives a secured solution to repair the damaged racks.

Packaging solution displayed by CHEP allows higher savings through returnable flows for the Automotive manufacturing processes.

  1. Digital innovations

Vision Picking – Wearable – DHL Supply Chain with Augmented Reality enables workforce training for virtual site visits, and more efficient design activities via visualization of prototypes.

Virtual Reality Experience – DHL Innovation. Explore DHL’s Innovation Centers in Germany and Singapore and our Express hub through Virtual Reality.

Blockchain – Application in Logistics – DHL Innovation Team will showcase the latest Blockchain applications in the digital Logistics world.

This DHL event will be one of the largest industry expo’s ever held in Pattaya covering many of the aspects of today’s Mobility industries. It is not a ‘walk-in event, but bookings can be made through Carey Peck, Director Automotive, Thailand, email [email protected]