Deputy PM working on policies to boost income of people


BANGKOK, 17 August 2011 – Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Kittirat Na Ranong has voiced his readiness to help solve high living costs for people as well as work on other policies to increase their income and promote national economic growth. 

Mr Kittirat and his deputies, Poom Sarapol and Siriwat Kajornprasart , on Wednesday paid respects to holy beings of the Ministry of Commerce. The deputy prime minister said that one of the urgent tasks of the government is to draft the 2012 budget bill which will enable its policy projects to materialize .

Mr Kittirat said that as the Commerce Minister, he will take care of the Office of the Permanent Secretary while work under other departments of the ministry will be shared by his deputies. As for the overall economy, they will work in team.

The deputy prime minister said people now are having high expectation on the government to reduce the cost of living, especially the expensive pork price. He said he will try his best to make sure that all sides are able to co-exist under the existing market mechanism.

According to Mr Kittirat, the Pheu Thai Party will opt for the crop mortgaging scheme, replacing the income guarantee scheme for farmers of the previous government. He expected the mortgaging scheme to start again on 1 November 2011, but discussions will be made with coalition partners before implementation.

The deputy prime minister admitted that the Commerce Ministry wants to increase income for farmers, and its policy might result in higher domestic rice price. The government will also stimulate domestic consumption and exports at the same time.