Dept. of Industrial Works to waive fee for factories for 3 years


BANGKOK, 7 November 2014 –  The Department of Industrial Works will waive the annual fee for three years for factory entrepreneurs as New Year presents for them.

Director-General of the Department of Industrial Works Phasu Loharnchun said there were 80,000 factory entrepreneurs who were entitled to the fee exemption for three years or from 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2017. The department would lose 300 million baht/year by waiving the fee, said the director-general.

The department has projected a 5-10% increase in factories compared to 2013 with the investment value of 500 billion baht. It also forecast the same growth rate for 2015 following more stable politics and mega projects such as the eco-car 2 and the establishment of new factories in special economic zones along the borders.

The industries with the fewest new factories over the past ten months include garment, products made from plants, chemicals and metal. 1,200 factories, whose combined investment worth 27 billion, closed down, slightly more than the same period last year.