Coupon for digital TV set-top box priced at THB 1,000


BANGKOK, 23 April 2014  – The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has agreed to give 1,000-baht coupons for digital TV set-top boxes to 22 million households nationwide.

Chairman of the NBTC board Col.Nathi Sukolrat said the coupons would help prevent TV viewers from spending their own money in order to view the digital TV. The coupons’ value would be reviewed by an NBTC committee and it might be re-calculated based on the commission’s income from the first digital TV auction of 12 billion baht, Col.Nathi said.

The coupons will be handed out to 22 million households around the end of June to July this year for them to buy the boxes with active antenna.

The digital TV signal boxes will have a warranty period of three years with after sales service.