Cooking gas price for household sector to be raised starting in June


BANGKOK, 25 April 2013  The Ministry of Energy has asserted that cooking gas price for the household sector is expected to be raised beginning in June. 

According to Energy Minister Pongsak Raktapongpaisarn, when the current subsidy for household LPG price terminates at the end of May, the price will be adjusted upward by 50 satang per kilogram every month until it reaches 21 baht per kilogram. This price will match the price applied in the transportation sector. Then, prices for both the household sector and the transportation sector will be raised simultaneously until they reach 24.82 baht per kilogram.

Studies revealed that 14 million people benefit from LPG subsidies. Minister Pongsak noted that there were about 500,000 food vendors who use cooking gas but only around 100,000 have submitted their gas usage information to the ministry because they were afraid they might be taxed.

Mr. Pongsak said the preliminary assistance measure for the general user of cooking gas will involve transfering of no more than 36 baht into the user’s bank account each month. Food vendors will instead receive discount coupons that will allow them to buy LPG at the previous price.