Commerce Ministry to promote Thai rice in HK


BANGKOK, 10 May 2011  – The Ministry of Commerce will promote Thai jasmine rice at the HOFEX 2011 food exhibition in Hong Kong in an effort to promote the image of Thai rice and boost its sales in hotels, and restaurants. 

According to Department of Foreign Trade (DFT) Deputy Director-General Pranee Siripan, Thai government units which will participate in the exhibition include the DFT, the Department of Export Promotion (DEP) and the Thai Commercial Affairs Office in Hong Kong.

The food exhibition will be arranged in Hong Kong from 11 to 14 May 2011. The Thai delegates will be publicizing Thai jasmine rice and its trademark so that visitors will recognize the specialty of Thai jasmine rice which is highly nutritious and more outstanding than similar products from other countries.

Ms Pranee said Thailand’s participation in the exhibition will be another good channel to reach the target market, including households, restaurants and hotels in Hong Kong and Asia. It will also show Thailand’s potential as the number one rice exporter of the world.

Hong Kong is one of the important rice markets for Thailand. It imported 340,000 tons of rice last year, of which 64.8% or 220,000 tons were Thai rice. Of that volume, 169,000 tons were Thai jasmine rice. Hong Kong already imported 54,000 tons of Thai rice in the first quarter of this year.