Commerce Ministry restructures provincial offices


NONTHABURI, 25 September 2015 – The Ministry of Commerce has provincial commercial affairs offices under the One Roof Policy, established 18 province groups to enhance the capability. 

The Minister of Commerce Apiradi Tantraporn revealed that the Ministry has integrated the operations in various of the ministry’s provincial offices such as the office of commercial affairs, business development, and foreign trade, under a single organization in each province under the ‘One Roof’ policy which will be supervised by the provincial office of commercial affairs.

She said that the ministry will push forward the grouping of provinces into 18 groups, segmented into the upper northeastern provinces group and the upper northern provinces group, to connect businesses and entrepreneurs into a network, and to encourage joint business practices as the key business development force of the region.

The office of commercial affairs in provinces which share borders with neighbouring countries will select people of potential to help expand Thai businesses to the neighbouring countries, in accordance to the government’s strategy.

The Ministry of Commerce will further proceed the community commercial strategy, showcasing the different identities and capabilities from each area led by the provincial office of commercial affairs, comparabel to the farm outlet strategy.

The Minister of Commerce has also said that this restructure will pave the way for new generation of businessmen to become professional traders and investment experts, to accommodate for the establishment of the Special Economic Zones, and to support the community enterprise strategy and SMEs business owners.