Commerce Ministry poised to boost Thai export growth to hit 15% in 2012



BANGKOK, 30 May 2012  – The Commerce Ministry is stepping up its game to push for the Thai export growth of 15 percent in 2012.


Deputy Commerce Minister Poom Sarapol said that the Commerce Ministry has urged all Thai Trade Centers to work harder in helping Thai exports achieve the 2012 target growth rate of 15 percent.

Mr. Poom stated that Thailand is still to face such external threats as the financial crisis in the European Union and the economic slowdown in China while being challenged to identify new and more effective channels to promote Thai goods and services.

He added that a number of domestic factors will also need to be overcome, including the post-flood rehabilitation of Thai businesses and the rising cost of production.

In addition to the promotion of Thai exports, the Ministry has asked officials stationed at all overseas Thai Trade Centers to focus on the development of Thai SMEs and the penetration of markets within the ASEAN Economic Community.