Commerce Ministry launches blue flag caravan for low price commodities


BANGKOK, Jan 11 – Commerce Ministry on Friday launched a blue flag caravan for low price commodities in the Thai capital to support impacts from the Bt300 minimum wage hike and higher LPG gas prices. 

Commerce Minister Boonsong Teriyapirom spoke after presiding over the launching ceremony the measure was to help ease the public burden, for prices of consumer goods could become higher due to the wage hike and the increased gas prices.

He said the minimum wage rise affects overall production costs at about 3-5 per cent.

Internal Trade Department mobile blue flag caravans offering the public necessary commodity items at prices 20-40 per cent lower than the market from now through March.

The caravan will be in low-income communities, establishments, and industrial estates in various areas in Bangkok and its vicinity, expected to attract around 200,000 people to shop at the fair, while the programme is forecast to help save about Bt20 million of the public’s cost of living.