Commerce Ministry: Government will keep close watch on goods prices


BANGKOK, 23 March 2012  – The Commerce Ministry has assured the public that the government will continue to keep a close watch on the issue of rising goods prices. 

During the Lower House meeting on Thursday, Democrat MP from Yala, Mr. Prasert Phongsuwansiri asked Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra about the government’s plan to tackle the problem of rising consumer goods prices.

Commerce Minister Boonsong Teriyapirom, on behalf of the prime minister, told the House of Representatives that only a number of products saw their prices go up lately, while some prices have, in fact, gone down.

In any case, Mr. Boonsong has given an assurance that the government will continue to monitor the prices of goods.

He added that the government has divided consumer goods into 3 groups, including the group that needs to be monitored on a weekly basis, the group that will be checked on every 2 weeks, and lastly, the group that officials will check prices every day.

The Commerce Minister also stated that the ministry will still keep a close eye on the price movements of 42 goods in its control list and will make sure that anyone found guilty of overcharging will be punished by laws.