Commerce Ministry freezes wholesale egg price at 3.5 Baht each for 3 weeks


BANGKOK, 12 Sep 2013 (NNT) – Egg producers and retailers have agreed to freeze wholesale egg prices at 3.50 bath each which will result in a retail price of no more than 4 baht per egg for 3 weeks. 

The decision came after a meeting between the government sector led by Commerce Deputy Minister Yanyong Puangrach and major egg producers such as CPF Company, Betagro Group, Ruam Mitr Farm Company and the Association of Egg Traders, Producers and Exporters.

Mr. Yanyong said after the meeting he believed that the three weeks’ time is enough for the egg prices to return to normal. He said that by that time the supplies would be sufficient for the public demands.

The Deputy Commerce Minister said that as another way to ease the public from the high cost of living, the ministry has asked egg producers to supply 2 million eggs daily for the Government’s Blue Flag scheme nationwide.

The eggs being sold in the scheme would be cheaper than those offered in the general market by 20 percent, or at 99 baht per pack, a 20 baht discount from its normal price.