Commerce Minister suggests Thai food exporters improve product innovations


BANGKOK, 12 July 2012  – Commerce Minister has suggested Thai food exporters to increase the value of their food products through innovation to remain competitive.

Deputy Minister of Commerce Poom Sarapol has disclosed that Japanese consumers have been increasingly interested in Thai food products especially frozen seafood, canned-food, processed food, fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen fruits and vegetables, and frozen chicken. However, many Japanese food product producers are geared up to deal with competitions with Thai products by introducing frozen food that is ready to eat when melted, without the need for heating up in a microwave. Mr. Poom added that the innovation has been attracting a lot of Japanese consumers since it is environmentally friendly and helps save electricity, thus providing a solution to the energy shortage in Japan.

Mr. Poom went on to say that Thai food entrepreneurs need to improve their frozen food exports through the use of innovative technologies to help attract consumers in Japan and raise their sales.

Exporters are invited to contact the ministry for more information via its Hotline 1169 or