Commerce Minister strengthens Thailand-Malaysia border ties


BANGKOK, 23 September 2013 Thailand and Malaysia have concurred to promote and encourage more border trades between the two nations, uplifting the quality of life of the locals along the border areas. 

According to deputy prime minister and Minister of Commerce Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisan, he has met with the Malaysian ambassador to Thailand, during which the two sides discussed and concurred on strengthening bilateral cooperation in terms of border trade, which currently represents 70 percent of the total trade volume of the two countries. In 2012 alone, the border trade between Thailand and Malaysia accounted for 1.65 billion US dollars.

The two countries have then agreed to further promote economic cooperation in the border areas, in six fields including oil and gas, energy, automotive, rubber, sugar, and rice as well as tourism in order to enhance the quality of life of the people along the Thailand-Malaysia border.