Commerce Min to sell rice from govt stock at low price to help consumers


BANGKOK, 18 September 2013 The Ministry of Commerce will sell 200,000 tons of 5% white rice in government stock in small packages at a price lower than the market value. 

Deputy Minister of Commerce Nattawut Saikua said the 200,000 tons of rice would be packaged into 40 million bags weighing 5 kilograms each and sold under the brand “Khao Thung Ruam Jai.” The price is set at 85 baht, lower than the current market price of 90-125 baht.

The rice will be available at the ministry’s Took Jai shops, Show Huay Show Suay shops and Blue Flag restaurants.

Mr Nattawut said a committee would be set up to supervise the distribution of the rice in a bid to help prevent corruption.