Cold weather increase sweet tamarind productivity


CHAIYAPHUM, 15 December 2013 The cold weather has created great benefits for farmers in Chaiyaphum, as the sweet tamarind bear more fruit than usual. 

In Pakdi District, the cold weather that arrived earlier than usual helps double the production of the “Sri Pakdi” sweet tamarind. The fruit is the number one export product of Chaiyaphum.

According to the sweet tamarind farmers group, usually each farmer makes around 500,000 to 1 million baht selling tamarind during December to March. Each year, farmers could produce up to 2,000 tons of sweet tamarind, but this year the production is expected to be more than usual.

The locals have registered the patent of “Sri Pakdi” sweet tamarind as the community’s gene of sweet tamarind. Its uniqueness is the sweetness and the aroma. The product creates at least 30 million baht income to the locals each year. This year, the farmers are expected to make more than 50 million baht as the productivity increases.