Chumphon ready to organize Marine Tourism Festival to promote tourism


CHUMPHON, 2 March 2014  Chumphon is ready to organize a Marine Tourism Festival to promote tourism, as it is expected that this year, many tourists will be interested in marine tourism. 

Mr. Peerasak Hinmeungkao, Governor of Chumphon, said that during March to May each year, the Chumphon sea is very beautiful, so the province has scheduled a Chumphon Marine Tourism Festival from 21-25 March at Paknam Chumphon Beach, in Chumphon.

There will be a lot of activities to promote tourism. These include: marine exhibitions, photography displays, marine activities, scuba diving, cheap tour packages, conservation and restoration of natural resources, rare aquatic animal species displays, garbage-pickup diving activities, fishing tournament, a bike rally up Matsi Moutain, and a seafood festival.

One big highlight of the Chumphon Marine Tourism Festival this year will be a giant whale shark construction that will be 50 meters long, 14 meters wide and 7 meters high. Inside the model giant whale shark, there is an exhibition that offers a history of Chumphon City from its past to present and future. It is expected to impress and attract many a great number of tourists.