Chiang Mai opens San Kamphaeng OTOP Center


CHIANG MAI, 22 December 2013 The San Kamphaeng District in Chiang Mai has officially opened the OTOP Exhibition and Distribution Center to uplift the products in Chiang Mai.


The new landmark is opened as another destination for tourists to find quality OTOP products of the North. The OTOP Center is set to promote the local products known as World Class Lanna, which are the wisdom of Chiang Mai residents. Over 5,000 OTOP items are sold here. Some pieces are quite rare in the world.

The handicraft products showed the beauty and uniqueness of the northern culture. It is believed that the OTOP Distribution Center will help improve the quality of the local OTOP products and expand the market abroad.

It is expected that Chiang Mai OTOP products would generate hundreds of millions of baht each year in the future as they are being exported. The San Kamphaeng OTOP Center is a pilot project for other provinces to follow suit.