Chanthaburi fruit producers speed up harvesting their produce


CHANTHABURI, 6 June 2014  – Orchard farmers in Chanthaburi have been speeding up the harvest to sell their fruit during this time of higher prices. 

Fruit growers in the Chanthaburi Klong Narai Subdistrict are harvesting their high quality fruits namely mangosteen, rambutan, durian and longgong, and selling it mostly to wholesalers. The prices for this year’s fruit remain at a relatively satisfactory level.

Mangosteen is priced at 30-45 baht, durian at 30 baht, rambutan at 17 baht, while Longgong is at 45-50 baht, which are all higher than last year’s prices. All of these prices are in per kilogram.

Farmers say they have hired helpers for the harvest because fruit prices are high enough for them to make a good profit this year.